BIOAGE Perfect Peel System 15ml (2 OZ.)

These serums contain the unique Intelligent Whitening Technology, which acts in isolation on affected areas to even out skin tone, with broad performance to promote skin tone.


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SMART WHITENING TECHNOLOGY: A second generation of safe and effective nanotechnology that acts in isolation in areas affected by melanocytes, focusing only on areas where excess melanin occurs.
  • STAGE 1: With a combination of acids and actives, it acts as a whitening and pigmentation inhibitor. Promotes cell renewal, improving skin texture.
  • STAGE 2: Long-acting antioxidant, helps reducing and controling pigmentary disorders.
  • STAGE 3: With powerful blend of acids and actives, it promotes antioxidant action and inhibits melanin transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes, preventing dispersion.
  • STAGE 4: Helps blocking, reducing and preventing skin hyperchromia. It prevents the onset of new hyperpigmentary disorders and continues to perform at its maximum whitening function.
Intelligent Whitening Technology.
External use only. Avoid direct eye contact. Do not eat. In case of injury, stop using and consult a doctor. Hypoallergenic. This product was formulated in a way to minimize all allergic reactions. In case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with water. Adult use. Keep the package closed. Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not exceed temperature above 40°C. professional use. Keep out of the reach of children.
Where to use: face. How often: 2 times a day.
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