Bio Oil Control Toner for Oily Skin 120ml (4.06 OZ)

With a refreshing and purifying action, this tonic lotion protects the skin from pollution residues while controlling shine, oiliness and dilation.


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It helps keep sebaceous filaments clean, reduces pimples and black spots, deep cleans pores, reduces inflammation of those skin eruptions that contain fat. Ideal for two skin types: oily skin and combination skin, which tend to generate a lot of sebum. This toner cleanses and refreshes skin without causing irritation or drying skin. It is formulated to soothe, tone, hydrate, and balance the pH level of your skin; This face toner helps reduce the look of pores, balance oily skin, and maintain the moisture barrier.
PCA Zinc, Gluconolactone, Salicylic Acid, Citystem, Evermat and Ginger.
External use only. Avoid direct eye contact. Do not eat. In case of injury, stop using and consult a doctor. Hypoallergenic. This product was formulated in a way to minimize all allergic reactions. In case of contact with eyes, rinse abundantly with water. Adult use. Keep the package closed. Keep in a cool and dry place. Do not exceed temperature above 40°C. professional use. Keep out of the reach of children.
Where to use: face. When to use: Suitable for daily use on oily skin. The oil-free hypoallergenic formula of this gentle toner cleanses and refreshes your complexion without causing irritation or drying out your skin. Formulated to help reduce pore size.
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