LipoRedux: four protocols for each aesthetic alteration with body massage

Massages are some of the most popular treatments in beauty clinics. That’s because its benefits are multiple: they improve circulation, fight fluid retention and, in addition, they are super relaxing.

There are also massages with specific aesthetic functions, such as the famous ones: modeling massage and reducing massage.

But for the success of this procedure, it is essential to follow a good protocol, which includes high-quality products. After all, especially in massages for aesthetic purposes, it is the application of the active ingredients that will lead to a good result.

Bioage works with high-tech formulations, creating products that provide performance and excellent results. There are so many that it is even understandable to get lost when it comes to understanding which are the most appropriate for each type of treatment.

Therefore, in this post we are going to talk about these protocols and what are the best Lipo Redux products to deliver excellent results to your clientele in each of the treatments.

When it comes to massage, our highlight goes to the LipoRedux line, since it contains a series of products with specific functions, covering most of the procedures that are successful in your aesthetic clinic.

Discover our assets

Bio-Nano Slim®

Also known as Technological DNA, Bio-Nano Slim® is used in Bioage products to help in the permeation of substances, ensuring a series of benefits, such as:

  • Decreased adipose tissue
  • fight against cellulite
  • Fight stretch marks
  • firming effect

The four basic substances of the Technological DNA, which are firming, anti-stretch mark, lipolytic and anti-cellulite active ingredients, present even faster and more visible results, since the base of the products already favors their entry into the layers of the skin.

Caffeine 24 Hour Action

This is an exclusive Bioage technology, whose action helps to impregnate the skin with microcapsules that release caffeine throughout the day.

The difference between Caffeine 24 Hours and a regular caffeine-based product is that as the hours go by, the effect of the caffeine diminishes. With this technology already present in Bioage’s LipoRedux line, the result is 24 hours of lipolytic action, guaranteeing more effective and visible results.

Now that you know what are the assets present in this Bioage line, let’s talk about the procedures and how to achieve more results with the LipoRedux protocols.

Lipo Modeling 24h

Focused on combating localized fat, the shaper helps reduce measurements and swelling, stimulates blood circulation and activates metabolism. In addition, of course, to helping the client achieve an aesthetically pleasing result on her own body.

The Lipo Redux Bioage line has ideal products to optimize the protocol, such as the Measure Reducer Concentrated Serum. Being a product with a high concentration of active ingredients, its effect is felt more quickly, accelerating the treatment of localized fat. The encapsulated caffeine active makes the action of the serum last up to 24 hours after the session.

Another interesting product in the same line is the Liposhock Enhancer Fluid. Collaborates with the reduction of fat accumulation, in addition to helping reduce inflammation of adipose tissue. The Fluid is also excellent for fighting cellulite, and can be used in massages for this purpose.

The 24 Hour Caffeine Massage Cream is part of the basic protocol of a good lipomodeling. In addition to microencapsulated caffeine, this Bioage cream also has Bio-Nano Slim® technology, which makes it a great ally in the fight against cellulite. Its texture is fluid and helps your hands glide when applying.

In addition to all this, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the massage, it is possible to add other treatments to the procedure. With Lipo Redux Body Enzymatic Peeling 3 in 1 you can add more benefits to the protocol with the peeling step.

Its action is enzymatic and physical, and the granules are easy to remove from the skin after application. This product is even ideal to be used in conjunction with electrotherapy. And like the entire Lipo Redux Bioage line, the 3-in-1 Enzyme Peeling also has active ingredients with exclusive technology, which help reduce measurements.

Aging and accumulation of fat

Yes, the two things are related! The passage of age favors the accumulation of fat in some regions of the body. Generally, this is a more difficult fat to eliminate, and treatments such as lipomodeling can be of great help in cases like this.

The Body Slim Anti-Cellulite and Measurement Reducer is ideal to be used in areas of localized fat, as it has a lipolytic effect. That is, it eliminates fat and makes replacement difficult. Its mousse texture is very pleasant and easy to apply. The results begin to appear from the first week of use.

Draining Lipo 24h

Pollution, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking are some examples of factors that cause fluid retention. This means that the lymphatic system is overloaded with fluids from the cells.

This liquid is usually redirected to the bloodstream and its impurities are eliminated by the excretory system. But for some reason, the fluid can get trapped in the lymphatic vessels and cause swelling. Also, when this fluid accumulates between fat cells, cellulite appears.

In these cases, lymphatic drainage is the ideal treatment, since it stimulates the lymphatic system and helps the loss of unwanted fluid, reducing measurements and creating a detox effect, since all the toxins accumulated in the body will finally be excreted by the body. organism.

Taking this need into account, the 3 in 1 Enzymatic Peeling, which we have already discussed, continues to be a good alternative. In addition, we have the Concentrated Anti-Cellulite Serum, which we call Power Dose, due to its high concentration, which guarantees results even with little product.

Speaking of cellulite, the combination of vectorized caffeine with silanol present in Lipo Redux Reducing Massage Cream with Vectorized Caffeine is perfect for reducing measurements and the appearance of cellulite, improving the appearance of “orange peel skin”.

Lipo Redux Lymphatic Drainage Cream is also a great option to combat cellulite and fluid retention, and may even be indicated after surgical procedures, as it improves skin oxygenation and tissue recovery.

Nano DMAE Firming Lipo

Flabbiness is a problem that affects many people. The main cases are related to a lack of muscle tone, sagging skin due to weight loss, or even a drop in the synthesis of our body’s basic structural proteins, such as collagen and elastin.

It is important to emphasize that there is no single factor that causes flaccidity. It is the result of a combination of factors, most of which are related to habits and lifestyle. Of course, there is a genetic predisposition and it influences a lot. But you should also keep in mind:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Feeding
  • inappropriate underwear
  • Age

The regions of the body most affected by muscle flaccidity are usually the buttocks, triceps, arms, thighs, abdomen and belly. The firming massage will act on these places together with the active ingredients to create a tightening action and stimulate the renewal of elastin and collagen fibers.

The Lipo Redux Firming Massage Cream has been specially developed to combat flaccidity, restoring firmness to the skin thanks to the various active ingredients that make up its formula. In addition to the exclusive Bioage 24 Hour Action Caffeine technology and Bio-Nano Slim® Technological DNA, the firming massage cream contains:

  • Hyaluronic acid
  • slider
  • Nanovectorized DMAE

If you are looking for a product with a more intense action, we recommend the Firming Concentrated Serum. It is another of the products that we call Power Dose, due to its high concentration of active ingredients. This firming serum not only combats but also prevents sagging.

If there is a preference for a differentiated texture in the product, Bioage also offers the Body Sagging Gel Cream. With a light and comfortable texture, this gel cream can be used even after childbirth or after liposuction.

And for those who want a product with more added functions, Firmestril Potentiating Fluid Lipo Redux intensifies the power of the firming massage and improves skin elasticity. Added to all this, this fluid also decreases the depth of white and red stretch marks, and can even be used after the radiofrequency procedure.

Next we will talk more specifically about Bioage solutions for stretch marks.

Stretch mark treatment

Stretch marks are another problem that affects a large part of the population, both women and men. They are formed by the rupture of elastin and collagen fibers, and are characterized by linear lesions on the skin.

One of the Bioage products for treatments to combat stretch marks is the Lipo Redux Concentrated Anti-Stretch Mark Serum, which comes in a 30ml container, or in a pack of 5 units of 15ml each. The texture of the serum spreads easily and penetrates the skin tissues, providing hydration and elasticity, improving the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

The Firming Anti-Stretch Mark Gel is a product that comes in a roll-on container, to facilitate its application. The active formula favors the synthesis of fibronectin, attenuating the appearance of stretch marks with continued use.

Body Harmonization 24h

Body harmonization came with the proposal to help people who are dissatisfied with their current figure, largely due to the aforementioned localized fat, cellulite and flaccidity, which visually affect the shape of the body.

It is a non-invasive option to treat these problems, which could also be solved with surgical procedures.

The body harmonization protocol can cover different areas of the body in the same session, such as triceps, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and hips.

Although the massage is essential, it is important to guide the client that, in order for the harmonization to have lasting results, it is necessary to carry out home care correctly between one session and another.

Lipo Redux Termopray Caffeine 24H is an excellent product to help reduce measurements thanks to Bodyfit® in its composition. Its formula with Technological DNA and Vectorized Caffeine improves the penetration of active ingredients, enhancing their action. It also improves circulation as it acts as a vasodilator. Its action even combats cellulite thanks to Pro-Sveltyl®.

However, if you are looking for an application with a creamy texture, a good option is Lipo Redux Thermogel Caffeine 24H, which has the same principles and works with the same efficiency as the thermospray.

The Lipo Redux Occlusive Body Mask is also a Bioage indication for this procedure. It has moisturizing, detoxifying, antioxidant, purifying and toning action.

Cryogel Caffeine 24H penetrates into the deepest layers of adipose tissue without affecting the bloodstream. This product also induces cooling in the region of application, since it also has camphor and menthol in the composition.

Creams for professional massage that your beauty clinic needs to have

Last but not least, we suggest some essential products for your beauty clinic, starting with Lipo Redux Ultra-Gliding Cream, which has a moisturizing and nourishing action. The soft texture is perfect for all kinds of body massage maneuvers.

Lipo Redux Conductive Gel for Electrotherapy, on the other hand, is perfect to be used together with equipment in procedures that require a conduction medium to carry out the treatment. It also has Bio-Nano Slim® technology, which has an anti-cellulite and fat-reducing effect.

Supply your beauty clinic with Bioage’s LipoRedux 4 You line and win more clients with excellent results!